Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Fun Antique & Craft Show

I went to a fun antique and craft show on Saturday here in Tulsa.  It is called "2 Friends and Junk".  They were here last year also.  It seems that the only thing I purchase from them tho are vintage linens.

I found a beautiful old "cutter" quilt that is actually much brighter than the photo - that's it on the left - plus two gorgeous vintage Christmas tablecloths.  They will make such pretty pillows for next year.

There was a gentleman there who did printing as you waited on bulap.  He had these pillow covers already made up and you told him what you wanted written on them.  He used a big Sharpie with the calligraphy point and does this free-hand.  I could have just stood there and watched him for hours.  Very talented.

Another pretty old tablecloth for pillows.

This was my haul.

Loved finding these old Christmas hankerchiefs.  The little shelf in the background is a spice rack with five little metal spice jars.

It seems tho that the craft shows are getting to where there is so much jewelry, clothing and food and there are very few handmade crafts.  I miss that.



Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Crazy BRONZER Party!

This is a crazy story about a crazy bunch of people who have this crazy party every year.

This party started (we think) 44 years ago with seven couples who all went to church together.

This is Barry - our attorney - (this photo is old) with John.  Barry graduated back long ago from Law School and passed the Bar.  We were having this Christmas party and everyone brought a White Elephant gift - you know the routine.

Well, Barry had received a bottle of very expensive tanning cream for a graduation gift.  It was called Bronzer.  He brought the Bronzer to the party as his gift.

Everyone arrives and puts their gift in a black bag on the front porch - so no one can tell who brought what.  Then, they are all displayed and one by one you pick your choice.  Now, in White Elephant gift exchange, you can take someone else's gift but the third taker is the owner.

To make a long story longer, the Bronzer became the main White Elephant gift and has been making the rounds for approximately 44 years.  Whoever ends up with the Bronzer hosts the party the next year.  

The Bronzer has varied thru the ages.  It is quite a feat to see how you can magically bring a gift that no one could possible imagine the Bronzer was in.  John and I hosted the party for many years and then we started the tradition of wherever the Bronzer went was the host for the next year.

One year someone put the Bronzer in a jar of peanut butter and it came with a package of peanut butter cookies.  Great idea - however, the next year as we prepared for the party and pulled the Bronzer out - it had destroyed the plastic bottle and had just dissengrated in the jar.  So, we had to start with a new "Bronzer" that we found at a local junk store.

As you can see, there are some really "white elephant gifts".  Some reappear and some are never seen again.

The fun part of this party is the fact that these seven couples are all the same, original couples we started out with.  We are all still together with the original mate.  Amazing, isn't it?

As of this year (I did not attend as it was just too soon after John's passing) we have lost two of the men.

But, the tradition continues.



Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas 2014

Needless to say, Christmas is really hard this year.  I am trying my best to not be a "downer" for the little ones but I don't think I am doing too good of a job of it.

I love Christmas!  I love all of the crowds of people, all of the hustle and bustle.  It just seems there are things that pop up that completely make me lose it all - like a song or a smell or a place I go that John and I used to go.

I understand that this is all part of the process but that does not make it any easier.  I am so thankful for my Tiffany who is my rock and seems to sense my every mood and phase I am going thru.  She lets no one get in my way.  She really is a precious granddaughter but she can be a bear sometimes if she thinks someone is not treating me right.  LOL

But, then I stop and remember the real reason for this blessed season - the birth of our Lord.  John was undoubtedly the most faithful Christian I have ever known and I try to remember this when I "lose" it.  I am so thankful for a God who can comfort me and tell me it's ok if I cry or whatever crazy thing I am doing at the time.  God is so good.

Hope you are all enjoying this festive season.  It truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Month That Is Gone

Nothing brightens up a gloomy November day like playing with the dollhouse and Laynee.


And dressing her AG doll (which she reminded me needs alot of new clothes for Christmas).

We also played around with french braiding her curly hair.  Remember she cut her own bangs several months ago so the sides are still growing out.  But, she has gorgeous little curls in the back.

We went to my sister's home for Thanksgiving.  It is fun having little ones crawl all over everywhere.  It has been several years since we've had little ones.

I'm always requested to bring my German Chocolate cake made from scratch and Hummus.  Those are my two requests always.

We went to decorate the graves at the cemetery for Christmas.  It was the first time I had been back at the cemetery since John's funeral.  It was a sad time.

Then, I come home to a city water main break in front of my drive way.  They drove all of this heavy duty equipment onto my drive way and yard and demolished it.  Cracked the drive way into a thousand pieces.  I still have a huge ditch across the front yard which has not been filled in.  I will give the benefit of the doubt that it will be fixed.

And then, it definitely will be fixed!

Have been making Christmas runners out of printed burlap.  Have alot of pretty ones.  And a few Christmas pillows.

These are all ready and can be shipped immediately.

Be back real soon.



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