Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What A Fun Week I Have Had!!

I have been in Missouri visiting my sister Jeannie.  My other sister Rita and I go up for the annual CityWide Garage Sale each year and have our "Sisters' Weekend".  We always have such a good time.

But first, before we get to that - I have been making Mother's Day Memory pillows.  Check them out on my Etsy.

So, here they are:

#1 - SOLD





and #6

They are 8" x 10" and are covered in vintage lace - all hand sewn on.  The doilies form a pocket in which I have put a reproduction of a Mother's Day card and a Mother and child photo.  You can insert personal items if you desire. 

Now, on to the garage sales -

You see several McCoy pieces - SCORE!!  The two round pieces that are identical - one is marked McCoy and the other is USA but they are identical.

I especially love these turned knives and butter knives.

Lots of pretty plates, vintage linens and of course, S&P Shakers.

Isn't this aqua and red vintage tablecloth precious?  It will certainly make some adorable pillows.  And the aqua dog is protecting it.

Look at the beautiful and delicate embroidery on this piece.

More dishes and a framed Counted Cross Stitch piece.

This was at one house we shopped at.  The lady said it was a Wisteria.  Isn't it gorgeous?  The only bad thing was that it was completely covered in big yellow and black bumble bees.

I also got this concrete piece for my flowerbeds.  And speaking of flowerbeds....

this is my new Columbine.  And can you believe that my Hosta has gone from this

to this in one week?

God does amazing work, doesn't He?

This is only about one third of my haul.  So, stay tuned for more and also a special announcement of a great giveaway in the next few days.



Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Mason Jar Banner Project

Would you like to make a new banner/bunting?  With the popularity of the Mason Jars, I made one which is very simple and quick to finish.
First, find an image of the jar and trace onto a fusible interfacing.  I use this one (below) because it is very heavy and stable.
I traced six jars onto the fusible interfacing and then bonded them to six pieces of fabric in the pink and green families.
Now, this sounds crazy, but it was the only way I could get the corrugated look I wanted.  Take a piece of cardboard and tear off one of the outer layers to reveal the corrugated cardboard.  It's not hard and you can scrape all of the little bits and pieces off.
Then, cut out your jars that are bonded and cut the corrugated cardboard into lids for the jars.
Hot glue the lids to the jars and the jars to a twill tape which is what I used.  You could use ribbon, yard, baker's twine, etc.
And there you have your garland.
I tried to use fabrics that kind of looked like something you would see in a canning jar.  Don't you think the green looks like pickles - maybe???

Friday, April 10, 2015

It's Definitely Spring Here!

My Father passed away 11 years ago and my Sunday School class bought me a White Dogwood tree and had it planted in my back yard in memory of my Dad.
I am constantly amazed (and don't know why) but every year it blooms on Easter.  It doesn't matter if Easter is in March or April, it always blooms on Easter weekend.  God's timing is so perfect!!
The Redbud Trees are just gorgeous.  FYI - the Redbud Tree is Oklahoma's state tree.
A few Easter photos - when I say the Easter bunny came - I don't mean just one.
My back yard is just full of them.  Bella just sits in the back yard and watches.  Doesn't even chase them anymore.
Look at those white fluffy tails.
This is the only half way decent photo I got of the girls opening their Easter baskets.  It is just a whirlwind of activity.
After the twins went to bed, Laynee and I dyed Easter eggs.  They came out pretty good.  You should see our hands - still - almost a week later.  I have several blue and green fingers. 
Not green thumbs mind you.  But, my tomato plants are doing quite well.  Can anyone tell me why they have those little dried tips on them?
Friday, April 3, 2015

A Delightful Week

This has truly been a delightful week.  I have accomplished a lot of projects around the house and have had a great week with my great-grandbabies.

The table setting for Easter was going to be outdoors.  However, a cold front moved thru late last night and I'm afraid it'll be too cold out there.

The majority of this setting is from Pier 1.  They had so many gorgeous Spring items.  Love the bunny napkin teamed with a olive green one and the bright and sunny yellow flower napkin ring.

LOVE these dishes.  I am a yellow person at heart.  When we first moved into our home, I had yellow shag carpet and a yellow plaid sofa.  Loved it.

The silverware in that bright yellow just arrived today from One King's Lane.

The Rocking Bunny was a purchase last year and I'm pretty sure it too was from One King's Lane.

Driving thru a local Schlotzskys, this was on the back side where you order. 

Isn't it nice that they provide such a beautiful view while you are in line?

The Weeping Cherry has turned pink.

The Hostas are exploding out of the ground.

I have had the priviledge of picking up the three great grandbabies each day this week from daycare.  Tiffany says "now, they are a little fussy on the trip home".  Duh, not with ice cream cones they're not.

Last night we were under storm alerts again.  But, thankfully, all we got was a 30 degree drop in temps.

And some scary clouds.

Have a very Good Friday and a Happy and Blessed Easter.



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