Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Pleasure of Being A Great Grandmother

I pick Laynee up everyday at PreK.  Then two days a week I pick up Laycee and Kaycee at their daycare.

They are so much fun!!!

I always have a snack and a drink for Miss Laynee and then we go home to play for a couple of hours before we go to get the other two.

Laynee and Bella have tea parties.  Bella is okay as long as cookies are included.

Then, we always have to play with one of the dollhouses.

This is a photo of Miss Priss awaiting the Ice Capades Frozen to start.  She is all geared out with a light up toy, cotton candy, a drink and a crown.

Can you imagine seeing a 71 year old great grandmother out playing Hopscotch?  We laughed so hard at the little twins trying to hop.  They really tried.  I couldn't get photos of them - they were moving too fast and furious.

Tiffany always says the three are so fussy when they get home in the evenings.

Apparently, she doesn't know the effect ice cream has on them.

Grandchildren are such a blessing from God.  If they could only realize how much they have helped me get thru the last eleven months.

Thank you God for these precious babies!



Monday, October 5, 2015

Christmas Every Monday

Welcome to Christmas Every Monday.  Each Monday in October, I will have a few fun and simple projects for you to start working on ahead of the holidays.

Today's theme is Snowmen!

Let's get started!

List of supplies for all items today.  If you gather all of these items, you can whip out all of these in an afternoon.

These items were all from Dollar Tree:

Set of Salt & Pepper Shakers (clear glass)
Kosher Salt
Red Candle
Clear Plastic Ornaments 2/$1.00
Wine Glass

From my stash and/or Michaels:

5 1/2" tall flowerpot
4 1/2" flowerpot saucer
Orange felt
Orange scrapbook paper
Black spray paint
White spray paint
Red spray paint and/or red acrylic
Holly spray
Holly garland
Small Christmas ribbon

Here we go ------

Flowerpot Candle Holder

Take a 5 1/2" flowerpot and spray it white.  Add red to the rim - either spray paint and/or acrylic.  If you use spray paint, mask off the white part and spray.

The cheeks are done with actual blush from my make up box.  Rub it on with your fingers and then soften it out around the edges.  Add the eyes and mouth with black acrylic paint. I used a small heart painted orange for the nose, however, you could use orange felt.  I dip a Qtip in the paint.  It makes really nice big dots.

Turn the flowerpot saucer upside down and spray paint in black.

Glue the black saucer to the top of your painted flowerpot.  Add candle.

Add a spray of holly with berries.

Project #1 is done.

I highly recommend using this spray paint.  It is a primer and will cover everything we are working on.

Wine Glass Candle Holder

 Spray a wine glass with the white spray paint.

Paint the same face as the first project.  Add an orange felt nose and some kind of Christmas greenery around the candle.

Project #2 done!!

 The Melting Snowman Ornament

This is super simple!!

Take a clear plastic ornament and add Kosher salt to it, then whole peppercorns and a tiny orange nose made out of a rolled up piece of scrapbook paper. 

Project #3 - Done!!

Snowmen Salt & Pepper Shakers 

These are spray painted white, face painted as previous projects, nose cute out of orange felt and any kind of Christmas ribbon wrapped and tied around neck.

Project #4 - done!!

These projects will all be easy and very affordable to make for teachers, neighbors, etc.

Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Beautiful Fall Day and Upcoming Fun

It is a gorgeous Fall day in Oklahoma.  Crisp mornings and pleasant afternoons.

Yesterday Tiffany and I took Laynee to the Ice Capades version of Frozen.  It was fantastic.  I was amazed at how entertained I was!!  LOL  Laynee sat there with the biggest smile on her face and sang every word to every song they sang.  It was a really fun day at the Tulsa State Fair.

Tomorrow will start my Christmas on Mondays series.  Each Monday in October I will share very simple Christmas DIYs for you to get a head start on the season.  

Don't miss the fun.



Friday, October 2, 2015

Tea Cup and Mug Swap

I had so much fun with this swap sponsored by sweet Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose Blog.

You could sign up for a tea cup and/or mug swap.  I signed up for both and this is what I received.

The Tea Cup swap was from Debby @ My Favorite Things blog.  I received this precious yellow and black bumblebee cup and saucer.  So cute!!  She also sent tea, some sweets (which as you can see, are almost all gone), a Christmas ornament, a flavor spoon and a bag of buttons for my bubble gum machine.

This is so cute!  An ornament of a Coke bottle with antlers and a red nose.  

The bag of buttons completely filled by gum machine.

Thank you so much Debby.

Next was the mug exchange.  Mine came from Sue @ Pear Tree Lane Farmhouse blog.

Look at the darling initialed mug she sent!  Along with a beautiful Mikasa crystal plate for Christmas, a bag of treats, a Godiva chocolate bar and

this gorgeous glass plaque - love the colors - and

this wonderful stuff - Stress Relief.  I really needed that - don't we all?
And I almost forgot....she sent me two jars of homemade jellies.  They were in the fridge so I didn't photograph them with the other items.  YUM!

This was such a fun swap and I want to thank Stephanie so much for all of her work.

Can't wait until the next one in the Spring!




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