Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Day Sure Can Make A Difference - The Big Storm!

Tuesday was a beautiful Spring day in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The sun was shining and all was well with the world.
My Weeping Cherry tree was blooming.
I picked the girls up from Daycare, we had ice cream and we went to their home and they played.....
and played....
and played.
Then Wednesday came.  The Weather Bureau kept saying we were going to have severe thunderstorms.  But, in Oklahoma, we hear that all Spring.
This time, they were not kidding.
This is my back yard full of hailstones.  It's hard to see because it was raining like crazy and the winds were approximately 80 mph.
I'm really not a heavy drinker.  I have a big trash container on the side of the house that I keep tin cans in.  The cans were all over the back yard and I still haven't found the big trash can.
I thought these had blown off of my storage building.  However, today, I find it was my neighbor's - not mine.
This is the house across the street with what is left of their tree in the front yard.
I have lived in Tulsa for 45 years and have been thru lots of tornado alerts but I have never been as scared as I was last night. 
I literally stood at my patio doors and watched a huge brown cloud turn into a tornado right before my eyes.  It never touched the ground - thank goodness.  It was very scary.
I just prayed to God and John to watch over Bella and I and protect us.  And they did.
There was a lot of damage in Sand Springs on the west side of Tulsa - one fatality.
But, now I'm thinking my next investment may be a storm shelter.  That's how scary it was.

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Week End Trip, Spring and A Terrarium

My precious granddaughter Tiffany and I took off for a weekend trip.  We visited my son Johnny and then ventured on to Dallas.  Oh my!!

We went to Ikea, Homegoods, TJMAXX and various other enticing stores that were just full of all kinds of beautiful and useful things that we just could not live without.  Will show you some of the items we got in a later post.

The flowers are just gorgeous - the top photo is of my Spirea - it is just loaded with blooms.

This pear tree in the back yard is about to burst with white flowers.

This is something wild that grows on my back fence.  I assume it's a weed of some kind, but the green, shiny, glossy leaves are beautiful.

The jonquils in the front flower beds are almost open.

Love these little forget-me-nots!!

I wanted to share this precious terrarium with you that I got at a local consignment shop.  It says it requires no watering.  I thought the idea of the moss ball on top was so unique and different.  The moss ball has several little decorative pins stuck in it.  The contents are a moss of some kind with tiny artificial flowers and a little rabbit.

Isn't it a cute idea?



Friday, March 20, 2015

One of My Latest Projects!

I found this interesting magazine rack at an Estate Sale for $3.00.  It was all wood and in good shape - just not too pretty.

So, I cleaned it up and lightly sanded it.  I painted it black.

I had this lovely calendar and cut out this floral design from one page of the calendar.  The pink and white background is just a piece of scrapbook paper I put behind it so you could see the cut out when I got thru.

I then used Mod Podge and decoupaged the floral print to the front of the magazine rack.  I think it turned out really pretty.

I put it beside my dark brown leather recliner but it didn't show up at all.  So, I took the finished product out to my "photography studio" and took a picture of it.  I think I need to get either a bird's nest with eggs or one of the green moss bunnies to sit on the little front ledge, don't you?



Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Peek on St. Pat's Day

A couple of cute photos from St. Patrick's Day celebration!

This precious miniature bunny in a cabbage patch was gifted to me by Debby

Now, keep in mind, the whole little box is only 1 1/2" x 2". Thank you so much for this darling gift Debby!!

Had to share this darling photo of the three greats and one granddaughter coming home on St. Pat's Day.  They are all wearing their green shirts, rolled up jeans and sandals for the celebration.  Can't believe those little ones are getting so big.

Kaycee (the smallest twin) went into the hospital for a procedure this morning.  They went down into her lungs and did a scraping to determine the cause of the mucus in her lungs which keeps making her so sick.  They determined it was a bacterial infection, put her on steroids for a day or so and then a new powerful antibiotic.  

The twins will probably have some lung difficulties because of their being so premature.  Alot of meds were given to them to develop their lungs at the time and it causes consequences.  But, we're praying that they will outgrow them soon.

Thank God for the wonderful pulmonologist (sp?) who was with them when they were born and is the same doctor they see now.  So, he knows all of their history.



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